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CowParade Boston 2006

an unoffical map based on Google Maps

Click on a marker for artist info, links, and a clickable picture of the cow!

Cow Locator

CowParade Boston links:
CowParade Boston Official Site
The Jimmy Fund is the event's organizer and benificiary.
Jimmy Fund/CowParade info including an auction of the Cows in September.
Official CowParade Map.
about half of the Cow parade pictures I have taken so far.
an even nicer (and much more complete) set of Cow parade pictures taken by Bob "canyoncat" Ribokas.
yet another set (almost complete, with correct labels) Cow parade pictures taken by an unknown person I stumbled across while googleing.

Google Maps API info:
Google Maps API docs
Google Maps API ref
Google Maps Wiki
Google Maps Tutorial by Mike Williams

but what's my motivation...
This is an unofficial page that I created because I really dig living in Boston, and because I think that this is a pretty cool, fun and whimsical, artsy-fartsy project to raise money for an excellent cause. (plus I saw it as a nice opportunity to learn the google maps api)
Page History
July 4: All done!!! Yeah!!! Well, all the cows I could find anyway... "Magical Moon" in Christopher Columbus Park hasn't been installed yet, and I haven't been able to find "Spirit of Moosachusetts" and even the official web site has a picture of it that looks almost identical to Patriotic Cow (bad coordination?). I now have pictures of 115 out of the 117 cow sculptures that make up CowParade Boston. Today I added 19 more cow pix, with accurate locations (Faneuil Hall, North End and Downtown Crossing), plus I swapped for a better picture and accurate title for "Expressions Beyond Borders" (which is labeled on the official website as "John Updike Cow"). I think my favorites from today were "Leav'n Town", "Cownectivity" (even though I'm not a big Blue Man fan, it's still a cool design that makes interesting use of the 3-D shape of the cow), and I thought "Moo Indigo" was cute for the motion activated theme song, plus getting inside the lobby on a holiday, and getting some interesting lighting was kinda cool. The only things left to do are: contact more of the artists to get links to their web sites; add the info I have to the web page you get when you click a cow pic; and perhaps change the marker icon to something more genre-ific.

June 29: added 2 more cow pix, with accurate locations (near Downtown Crossing). Plus I changed the "tooltips" hover thingy so that it works when you move the cursor over an entry in the Cow Locator sidebar, and it's a little faster and hopefully looks a little better (thanks to Mike Williams). And I added a link to Carol Leonesio, the artist who created the very cool, and grammatically correct "dic*tion*ar*y" - she sent me email the day after my email to her old, bogus address bounced - good karma! I also got a nice email Becky Manos, the artist who created the beautifully tiled "Bonnie", unfortunately she doesn't have a web site to link. 97 complete, only 20 left to go.

June 28: added 8 more cow pix, with accurate locations (around the Pru, Copley, State House - plus better pix of "Make Way for Calflings" and "COW!" - plus the previously missing "Udderly Science" in Cambridge). 95 complete, only 22 left to go.

June 26: added 12 more cow pix, along Boylston and Newbury, with accurate locations (only 30 left to go). I found "Untitled 2" by Gubo (one of my favorite artists in this event) a block down the street from where it is officially listed. And I made sure to find Jazmin Jain's trippy and beautiful "Sacred Moonument"; apparently it was labeled incorrectly when it was first installed.

June 24-b: added 20 more cow pix (although "Magical Moon" hasn't yet been installed) with accurate locations, in the Financial District, South Station and the Waterfront. Some of the artists have gone to great lengths to make something big and unique by building on top of the cows ("Trojan Cow", "The Mooflower"), while some are very peaceful and dreamy ("The Life Bovine"), but my favorite from today was definitely "Untitled 1 (colored)" by Gubo. It is vivid and loud and dramatic - it reminded me of Picasso's Guernica.

June 24-a: now all of the cows are placed on the map, and they are tagged as either "verified" (if I have seen them and taken a picture) or "approx" (if their location is based on the official map). Yeah, no more cows showing up somewhere on the South Shore! I also added links above to the official map on the Boston Herald, as well as a great set of pictures taken by Bob Ribokas. I have begun trying to track down web sites or blogs of the artists who are not listed on the official site. If you know any of the artists' web sites or their contact info, please email me.

June 22-b: added 5 more cow pix from City Hall Plaza, with accurate locations (plus another 13 cows with approximate locations). I thought the juxtaposition of commerce and pastoral agriculture displayed in "Hay Market" was interesting - perhaps reminicent of the bronzed veggies and coins embedded in the sidewalk down in Haymarket. And of course, I like Starry Night shown in "Vincent's Cow" - but I wonder if remembering a favorite painting reflected in a fiberglass cow is really art... WAIT! that's by Sidewalk Sam, one of my all time favorite Boston artists. So yes, it IS art! His public reproductions of masterpieces really meant a lot to me when I was back in school, long ago.

June 22-a: added "Cow Locator" sidebar - cool.

June 21-b: added 6 more - the 4 in Cambridge now have correct locations (although "Udderly Science" hasn't yet been installed); plus the 2 in South Boston in front of the Convention Center. I like the "Klimt Kow", although the official site mispelled it, which pretty much ruined the pun.

June 21-a: there are now 47 cows accurately placed on this map, with pictures! This include cows on Newbury St, the Commons, Copley Sq, the Public Library, outside the Hynes (on Boylston) and the Pru (inside and outside). My favorites so far are (in Copley Sq) "Touching Colors" with a close (sentemental) favorite "Pablo Picowso". Kevin should like the negative space in "The Light Within" in front of the Library.

June 15: page launch - there are still many cows missing from this map, and many that are listed are approximate locations, based on the official site's listing. I hope to get the rest soon, as well as links to all the artists and CowPictures!

Please email me any corrections or additions you find!

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