Harry M. Wolfson


    University of Southern California 
        Master of Science, Electrical Engineering, 1984

    Northeastern University
        Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering, 1980
        State of the Art Program, Computer Science, 1995

  Professional Experience

   AB INITIO SOFTWARE CORPORATION - Lexington, Massachusetts

      Development                                    November 2002 - present

        -> High performance software architecture, design and implementation.

   OUTERLINK CORPORATION - Concord, Massachusetts

      Principal Engineer                       December 2000 - November 2002

        Near-real time  Automatic Vehicle Location  (position reporting) and
        messaging / data  exchange  between  mobile platforms and dispatcher
        office sites.  Combination  of  satellite  communications,  wireless
        connectivity  and  internet  routed  message  passing, with multiple
        levels of  message priority and  quality of service. Scalable system
        expanded from 400 mobile units in single satellite CONUS coverage to
        100,000  mobile units with  global coverage and  multiple satellites.
        * Software  architecture  design  and  coordination  with  real-time
          satellite  ground  station  hardware;  publish and subscribe based
          message  passing with  relocatable mobile unit  proxies (ownership
          management); database support; thick/thin client side applications.
        * Software design, development and implementation in Java, C++ and C
          on NT and Linux platforms.
        * Hardware system  and  circuitry design support for RF front end in
          mobile units and satellite ground station demodulator.

    MIT LINCOLN LABORATORY - Lexington, Massachusetts

      Distributed Systems                      February 1996 - December 2000

        Member of  focused  and cohesive software development team for Large
        Scale Distributed Simulations infrastructure of distributed database
        and communications.  Designed and implemented a  Reliable  Multicast
        Protocol  message  service,  based  on  TCP  sockets.  Designed  and
        implemented  Flow  Control  Protocol to allow  Reliable Multicast to
        scale to very  large  distributed  simulations with  a heterogeneous
        mix  of  processors,  network  capacity  and  horsepower.  Developed
        modules  in  support of  Relevance  Filtering,  Logging, and  Unique
        Object Identifiers across  distributed  applications.  Published and
        presented  papers at IEEE conferences in 1997 and 2000.
        * Member of development team for  HLA/RTI  (Run Time Infrastructure)
            through  three generations of software.
        * Current project is a network connectivity and measurement tool for
            generating predictive simulation models.

      Intrusion Detection Project                 October 1999 - August 2000

        Various  assignments  in  support  of  Intrusion  Detection  System,
        including:   real-time,   shared-memory   data  transfer  between  C
        library  and  Perl  executable;  real-time  interface  between  Perl
        executable and  relational  database;  debugging of Perl source code
        (in  coordination  with   Perl5  Porters  group)  to  permit  multi-
        threading and recursion with regular expressions.

      RF Technology Group                       January 1995 - February 1996

        MILSTAR  Satellite  Optical  Nulling Project: RF and millimeter-wave
        system design, integration and testing. Analyzed communication links
        between   Unmanned  Aerial  Vehicles,  ground  terminals  and  geo - 
        synchronous satellites.

      Tactical Communication Systems               July 1985 - December 1994

        Responsible for architecture,  design  and development of miniature,
        agile   frequency   synthesizer   for    man - portable    satellite
        communications terminals. Published  and  presented  paper  at  IEEE
        conference   in    1989.    Design   was   licensed    by   Stanford
        Telecommunications, Inc. in 1990.
        * Developed two  iterations  of  synthesizer  design  based on novel
            Direct Digital / Direct Analog architecture.
        * Managed  transfer  technology  contracts  to industry, to generate
            commercial sources for this class of synthesizer.
        * Supervised the activities of three staff members, four technicians
            and support staff.
        * Designed and implemented  scientific application programs using C,
            Basic and LabView.

    TRW ELECTRONICS SYSTEMS GROUP - Redondo Beach, California

      Satellite Communication Systems                August 1980 - June 1985

        Various assignments supporting  advanced development programs for RF
        and  microwave  sub-systems  used  in communication satellites; from
        proposal and paper  design through manufacturing support.  Presented
        design reviews to program management and customers.  Supervisory and
        technical leadership for team of two engineers and three technicians.

  Computer Skills

      * Fluent in  Java,  C++,  C,  Perl,  Source Control (Perforce, CVS);
           proficient in  Pascal,  TCL,  G (LabVIEW), Basic, and AppleScript.
      * Programming Experience:  distributed systems, (MOM) message oriented
           middleware, networking, instrument control, scientific,  handheld,
           scripts and educational.
      * UNIX flavors: Linux, AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, BSD.
      * Handheld: PalmOS  - Database / time centric application.
      * Macintosh System: Objective-C/Cocoa, ToolBox, Think Class Library.
      * Web sites and servers: design, implementation and maintenance;  HTML
           CGI, and JavaScript.