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Time Trial

Bicycle Race software for the Palm OS

Wolfpup Productions



Please note that development for this TimeTrial project has stopped to due loss of the development environment and lack of time.


I am currently writing a program for the Palm Pilot and Handspring Visor 
palmtop computers that assists in timing and scoring a bicycle time 
trial race. I have begun testing it at the NEBC weekly time trial race 
in Concord, MA. It is still pretty early in the development, and I am 
looking for folks interested in being beta testers.

My program will remain free (but not in the public domain) for the
foreseeable future, and will always remain free for all registered
beta testers.

In addition to viewing results from previous races, there are 5 sequential 
steps to timing a race, each step with it's own window in the program;

* Race parameters: Set start time; start interval; distance; etc.

* Registration: Enter racer's names and info.

* Start Line: Shows current racer, with countdown timer; and list of
  "on deck" racers.

* Finish Line: Lists all racers still on the course. Select a racer and 
  click on the "Finish" button to record their finish time.

* Race Results: Lists all racers, with race elapsed time and avg speed.

TimeTrial requires Palm OS v3.0 or higher.

There are still several significant User Interface issues and some 
computational inefficiencies to work out, but the program is usable in 
its current form. However, there is not yet a "conduit" to sync the data 
to a desktop computer - results would have to be copied by hand.

Please, let me know if you are interested in using/testing my program by 
contacting me at:

The current version of TimeTrial is v0.2.0b, released 11:59pm May 16, 2001.
The Version History is available for the curious. 

Screen Shots

Time Trial opening form

Time Trial opening form
Info form

Time Trial Info form
Racer Entry

Racer Entry - Registration
Start Line

Start Line
Finish Line

Finish Line
Race Results

Race Results

Want more information?

Send me email at:     hwolfson@wolfpup.org

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